Vinyl Sandblast Tape

Vinyl sandblast tape is available in two colours but the most commone is the grey.  Both are manufactured in our factory in Johannesburg.  Vinyl (PVC) sandblast tape is used during the process of engraving or etching tombstone inscriptions using the sandblast process.

Tombstone manufacturers and funeral parlours typically use this tape.  The PVC vinyl tape is first passed through a vinyl cutter where the desired tombstone inscription is cut out making a vinyl stencil.  This stencil is then applied to the tombstone  and sandblasted. The areas without the vinyl tape are etched whilst the rest is protected. This process leaves behind the desired tombstone inscription.

The process is used on granite, marble and other similar stone surfaces. The PVC vinyl tape is available in several sizes:

Grey Sizes

  • 600mm x 25m
  • 610mm x 25m
  • 620mm x 25m
  • 625mm x 25m

Dark blue Size

  • 610mm x 25m