PVC vinyl sandblast tape

What exactly is a PVC (vinyl) sandblast tape? Oddly enough there are several types of tape in the market that can get labelled as a “sandblast tape”. In this post we are going to explain about the one used as a protection from sandblasting during the engraving or etching process for tombstones, plaques gravestones. There are other products that are decorative and used to give glass a milky appearance, but these are not the focus of this post.

The tape comes in roughly 500mm to 650mm widths and is typically grey or blue in colour, although other colours exist too. The material is a thick coloured PVC that is tough enough to withstand the high powered shot of sand that is blown on to it during the engraving process. Typically thickness is around 250 to 300 microns.

The tape has a silicon paper backing (release liner) which is necessary to protect the adhesive surface during the cutting of the stencil on the vinyl plotter or cutter.

The adhesive is carefully balanced to allow sufficient adhesion to the stone surface during the sandblasting process and yet also allows for clean removal of the inner stencil parts and after the sandblasting process is complete.

This sandblast tape is typically used by funeral parlours, tombstone manufacturers and stone plaque manufacturers.


Tombstone engraving with sandblast vinyl tape

Many tombstone companies and funeral parlours offer the service of designing and building tombstones for graves. The process for doing this is fairly simple.

First the inscription message is decided upon. This will typically be the name of the deceased, the years which they lived and a message of some kind. Occasionally there might be a simple image of sorts.

The tombstone inscription stencil is then carefully traced and cut out on a piece of vinyl sandblast tape. This PVC tape has a paper backing for protecting the adhesive during this trace and cut process. The backing is now removed and the vinyl stencil is placed on a suitable stone or granite tombstone.

The lettering and image is removed from the vinyl stencil on the tombstone and the surface is blasted using a process called sandblasting, which etches away the exposed areas of granite. The rest is protected by the vinyl sandblast tape.

Finally the PVC (vinyl) sandblast tape is cleanly removed, leaving behind the inscription image of the stencil on the granite tombstone.

Mzilamu Industrial Supplies is a Johannesburg based supplier of PVC (vinyl) sandblast tape and can cut various widths of the tape, from 600mm to 650mm wide for use on vinyl plotters (cutters). The rolls are grey in colour and come in 25m lengths and delivery can be arranged. The minimum quantity is one roll, so we are ideally suited to support the small business user.

Plastic tape for tombstone manufacture

During the process of engraving the message inscription on a tombstone, a process called sandblasting is used.

First a stencil with the message is cut out of special plastic tape with a paper backing using a vinyl cutting machine or plotter. This tape is called sandblast tape. The tape is the applied to the plain tombstone rock surface and the lettering removed from the stencil, exposing the rock surface in those parts.

The tombstone or gravestone is then sandblasted and thereafter the tape is removed. Leaving the surface around the lettering undamaged or changed. The exposed portions have been carefully blasted away leaving the imprint of lettering, which we see as the tombstone message or gravestone inscription.

This process is typically carried out by funeral parlours or tombstone companies.

PVC vinyl sandblast tape

PVC sandblast tape, also known as vinyl sandblast tape has been used in the grave tombstone industry for many years.

It is used during the engraving by sandblast process which is used to make the inscriptions found on tombstones and gravestones.

The tape can be cut on most vinyl cutters to allow a stencil of the design which is to appear on the gravestone or tombstone.

The tape is tough and resistant to most shot blasting or sandblasting processes which protects the stone surface, leaving only the exposed areas to be affected. This process leaves the desired inscription etched into the gravestone.



At Mzilamu we pride our selves in the quality which we provide our clients. we strive for excellence in customer care and are here to assist your every step in choosing between our Sandblast / Vinyl tape colours which are gray and blue. We do the majority of work ourselves in factory located in Booysen Reserve.