Tombstone engraving with sandblast vinyl tape

Many tombstone companies and funeral parlours offer the service of designing and building tombstones for graves. The process for doing this is fairly simple.

First the inscription message is decided upon. This will typically be the name of the deceased, the years which they lived and a message of some kind. Occasionally there might be a simple image of sorts.

The tombstone inscription stencil is then carefully traced and cut out on a piece of vinyl sandblast tape. This PVC tape has a paper backing for protecting the adhesive during this trace and cut process. The backing is now removed and the vinyl stencil is placed on a suitable stone or granite tombstone.

The lettering and image is removed from the vinyl stencil on the tombstone and the surface is blasted using a process called sandblasting, which etches away the exposed areas of granite. The rest is protected by the vinyl sandblast tape.

Finally the PVC (vinyl) sandblast tape is cleanly removed, leaving behind the inscription image of the stencil on the granite tombstone.

Mzilamu Industrial Supplies is a Johannesburg based supplier of PVC (vinyl) sandblast tape and can cut various widths of the tape, from 600mm to 650mm wide for use on vinyl plotters (cutters). The rolls are grey in colour and come in 25m lengths and delivery can be arranged. The minimum quantity is one roll, so we are ideally suited to support the small business user.