Vinyl sandblast tape

Vinyl sandblast tape is a tough, thick, grey plastic tape that is used in the  tombstone industry or by funeral parlours.  This Vinyl sandblast tape is used to protect the stone tombstone during the sandblasting process.

First the vinyl tape is passed through a vinyl cutter or printer where the tombstone inscription is cut out on the vinyl. This leaves a vinyl stencil behind. The vinyl is then placed on the stone surface and the lettering or images which have been cut out are removed. The vinyl stencil adheres to the stone because of the adhesive on the tape which has now been exposed after removing the silicone release paper.

The tombstone stone surface is then sandblasted with the blast etching away at the area of the stone which is not covered by the vinyl. The rest of the stone surface is protected by the vinyl sandblast tape.

The vinyl is then removed, leaving behind the sandblasted inscription which is now engraved on the tombstone.